The wine cellars’ tour: San Clemente “Città del Vino”

36 km
720 m

San Clemente – Sant’Andrea – Lago Bilancioni – San Savino – San Clemente

We start from the outer Malatesta city wall in San Clemente. The tour goes downwards, alternating between paved and dirt roads until you get to S.Andrea in Casale. Here you cross the district road and continue towards the Conca river going down via Pian di Vaglia until you reach the ford through the river. Just before that, turn left and you reach the dam via paths along the river surrounded by greenery. Once you’ve crossed the bridge, go back onto the bike path and follow it to the former oil mill of Pianventena. Continue on the bike path on the other side until you reach Morciano. Just after the bridge, go 100 m towards S.Marino to the bike path winding away from the street to Ca’ Menghi. Follow the panorama road to Croce and then S.Savino. The last leg rises up along the street