The ancient roads of Montefiore

37.70 km
2207 m

Morciano – San Teodoro – Cerreto – Castelnuovo – Montefiore – Morciano

A trail that follows ancient roads used until the Middle Ages. You start in Morciano and set out towards Montefiore, then Saludecio. After a slight slope you take a side road and climb up towards San Teodoro. The track arrives in Montebaiacane where, staying on the hill crest, you pass Cabianco and reach the castle in Cerreto. A track with ups and downs takes you to the village of Castelnuovo, with a very demanding downward stretch and a rise up to the fortress of Montefiore. You pass the village and from the crossroads with via Forca go up to the highest point of this tour. After some more ups and downs you negotiate a bump and prepare for the final descent on this tour, on gravel and stones, towards Morciano.