Travelling with pets

To travel and going for a holiday with your little friend it’s a very exemplary action, that has to be done with awareness.

Following, the “ingredients” for a correct and problem-free holiday with your pets, to guarantee a comfortable journey for you, for your pet and for all our guests.

We thank you for observing the following guidelines:

  • Don’t leave your pet alone in the room. First of all because of an issue of responsibility, secondly because if he/she starts to “cry” or bark for your absence, this may disturb the tranquility of the hotel and the other guests.
  • In observance of the sanitary regulations of the local ULSS, your pet is not allowed in our restaurant. Remember to bring with you the medical records of your animal, which attests that he’s been vaccinated in accordance with current standards.
  • Always clean the pet waste! In the room, the common areas, as well as outside the hotel.
  • If at home your pet is allowed to get on the couch or in bed, he most likely will do as well at the hotel. To prevent damage to the furniture or the linen present in the room, we kindly ask you to bring some of your own blankets and sheets, to ensure the inner peace of your pet in his new environment.
  • Don’t ever leave unattended your pet, while you are at the hotel.
  • Pet owners are committed to take out of the room their pets during the cleaning service. Or otherwise give up this service. For a better organization you are welcome to make arrangements directly at the reception.
  • A pet that becomes aggressive or disturbs any client, other person or other animal, should be handled according to conditions that guarantee the well-being for everyone. Bringing peacefully together those who love animals and those who don’t, is also up to you! This can become a unique and important opportunity to raise awareness among those who don’t tolerate animals.
  • Pet owners accept full responsibility for any claim, loss, cost and expense (including legal fees) for personal injury or damage, or acts of dirt that may result from keeping the animals during their stay; and agree to support the repayment of these on request of the hotel management.