the thermal spa tour

18.20 km
1004 m

Montegrimano (parco Ciacci) – Montetassi – Monte S. Paolo – Sorgenti valle S.Anastasio – Montegrimano terme – Meleto – Montegrimano (parco Ciacci)

Montegrimano Terme is an ancient medieval castle in good condition found in the centre of the village. You start from the town park “Ciacci”and first follow a paved road towards Avvelaneta. Then go up towards the mountain of San Paolo and pass Savignano. Continue your ascent until you reach a gallery from where you can enjoy the panorama of San Marino, the Marecchia valley, the fortresses of San Leo and Montebello and a view of the Romagna Riviera. From here, the tour continues with a challenging single- track downwards to the wells of the S.Anastasio valley. From Ca’ Micci you turn to Mercatino Conca and then do downwards until you get to the road to Montegrimano. Leave the thermal baths behind you and continue to Meleto and its spring. From here, the tour returns to the town park.